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  1. I recently was discussing cancer on smp7 due to obvious recent happenings in the world. Unlike most people the pink really irritates me. I have also seen pictures posted on facebook saying "this isn't breast cancer awareness (img) this is breast cancer awareness." With poor women that have been duped and mutilated being shown opposite of people wearing pink. I protest that anything in that is cancer awareness.

    Lets start from the beginning... Since man has developed social structures that bring together many people into one place there has been a prevalence of pollution in the life of man. From industrial processes to "waste" disposal inefficiencies to topically applied poisons touted as medicinal applicants. There are so many things in our daily lives that pollute the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and well... just about everything to be completely honest.

    When these pollutants were gathered, way back hundreds of thousands of years ago*disclaimer*(oh wait... most of you ascribe to thousands... we will do that) When man started to amass into cultural centers largely referred to as cities we have had to deal with pollution. Pollution and sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating/living habits. This gave rise to proliferation of bacteria, the birth of virii and a host of disorders that affected everything from our organs to our cells. The latter (cells) being cancer afflictions. A lot of people think that in 1931 or around that time that we discovered cancer through mr. Warburg. That is a completely ridiculous fallacy. Cancer has been known about since the beginning of recognized history. However in the 1930's 1931 i believe Mr warburg was awarded the nobel peace prize for discovering cancer.... better explained as defining cancer, its causes and how to prevent it.

    "Cancer cannot thrive in an oxygen rich environment."

    The award was for for his discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme"

    As has been deluded. His research into cancer should have been the end of cancer, period.

    "Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. Water splits into H+ and OH- ions, if there is an excess of H+, it is acidic; if there is an excess of OH- ions, then it is alkaline.”


    simply put, cancer is anaerobic and does not require oxygen to breathe. In a healthy body there is too much oxygen in the cells for cancer to develop or flourish. Healthy: alkaline! There is a lot of disinformation, especially by drug companies about this topic. Most of the wording in these articles is obvious and instead of attacking the obvious they use straw man tactics like this article:

    Almost everything in that article completely sidesteps the claims of the "bold headings" and either redirects your attention or points out POSSIBLE semantic flaws in straw man arguments, or rather arguments that no one has made but makes their own endeavor appear less unhospitable.

    In short, we know exactly why cancer exists, the PRIME cause: an acidic body(acidic cells) We know hundreds of thousands of influential factors that propagate that cause. From polluted air, water, food to unhealthy lifestyle habits and dangerous chemicals. In a lot of the US it's a running joke that in California everything is "KNOWN to cause cancer." I don't find it very funny... I also don't fancy California culture or politics but when anyone says KNOWN to cause cancer then you have my attention.

    We also know how to prevent and cure cancer 100% without undue stress on healthy or afflicted individuals: Alkalize the body! There are many ways to purify an acidic body of pollutants and oxygenate cells safely without the use of dangerous methods. When I see people refer to "antiquated" medical practices as gruesome and ridiculous I often look at modern medicine and wonder why they think anything has changed.

    Being that Breast cancer awareness is what started the conversation on smp7 and is what has been driving this conversation I'm going to go back to that. So ultimately we have known since at least the 1930's how to prevent cancer but the money that poured into the medical community after this was insane! In the 1960's-1970's there were more studies on cancer in general and breast cancer than there have been since then. Regardless of the TRILLIONS of dollars that have poured into cancer "research" and "find the cure" charities and money schemes. Of course this makes absolutely no sense at all but lets get back to the 1960's and 1970's.

    During this time of testing and research breast cancer was under much scrutiny as it is today. The product of these tests were almost unanimously the same: Risk of developing breast cancer is ALMOST uniquely attributable to the duration a woman WEARS A BRA on a daily basis. uh... well thats a pretty easy fix is it not? I'm wondering where the technological revolution in bras happened... oh right it didn't. Bra's restrict the blood flow from numerous glands in the breast and surrounding areas allowing toxins to pool in the breast. these toxins cause an acidic environment... I feel im repeating myself a little bit?

    Of course breast cancer like any other cancer won't develop in a truly healthy and alkaline individual so just because you wear a bra doesn't mean you will get breast cancer. However the longer you wear a bra a day the more likely you will end up with breast cancer. There is another recent growing factor in breast cancer but I'm sure I'm going to get flamed enough for this post as is :p The most likely of women to get breast cancer in these studies were women that wore their bras to bed, with a risk of something like 14 times that of women that wore a bra only 8 hours a day.

    Before the armchair phd's come in demanding sources for everything, you ALL have access to google and I don't make it a point to catalog every encounter I have ever had and every bit of information I have ever heard. I have been involved in holistic healing for the better part of ten years so my sources are far and wide and generally stem from word of mouth or actual experience. None of what I have said isn't documented though and if you want to do the leg work you are more than welcome.

    Federal nazi disclaimer: these statements have not been evaluated by the (incompetent) FDA and are not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease" (legal terms that mean nothing to healers beyond a ridiculous money grab lawsuit)
  2. Hm, I read this and I'm a little unclear on what you are trying to say, are you saying that you think it is a waste to pour money into cancer research because we already know how to prevent it?
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  3. One response Pink Ribbon, Inc (2011). After watching this documentary I do not believe breast cancer will ever be cured until all the research companies get their act together and actually work together instead of trying to find a cure on their own just to patent it and make profit.
    That is why I do not believe in the all the fundraising for breast cancer. Before anyone judges me here, watch the documentary before replying to me. Also bare in mind that both my mother and aunt have had breast cancer relate surgeries and I am in full awareness of what it incurs. Luckily they were diagnosed early on and had been able to remove all the cancerogenous cells before they had any chance of spreading.
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  4. I think you are onto something :p

    I am glad that they were able to be treated. Going through that is not easy for the family and is without a doubt traumatizing for the person that has to go through it. I hope they are in good health now. The only "treatment" I would ever even consider by a medical salespers.... err doctor is surgical removal.

    There is a cure.