I am making a Minecraft music video.

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  1. So... I am making a minecraft music video. I need some peoples help me film the non-animated parts.
    Requirements: You must have a microphone or be able to type in proper English. You must be able to be patient. You must be able to listen to what I have to say. (Opinions are welcome but do not try to push your ideas on me.)
    Things that I need: My computer is not that good so if someone can host a small private bukkit server it would be nice. I need 2-3 people to help me film. Please PM me if you are interested in the part.

    What I have so far: I have made character models in blender and I am starting to animate.
    Here is some of the models that I have made.
    Bar.png Zombie.png

    Here is what I have made before but never finished. I plan to improve it greatly (watch whole video)
  2. Oooh oooh! I can type in proper English! As in "Can I help with this? This idea sounds really cool!"

    EDIT: So is that like a "Yes Terr, you may help with this awesome idea."?
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  3. I can type in perfect english sir! Terr's post is so perfect i can't compete. :(

    But seriously Frodo, i can type in proper english. I am the man for your job!
  4. use Camera studio mod for smoother recording
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  5. what did you use to make this? im trying to make my own using blender, but the rigging never works right, so right now its at a standstill :(
    of course i would credit you in the video and the description when its done!