I am lost in the end.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by cr1tikal_attack, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. I was in a stronghold collecting bricks around an end portal and I accidently jumped through it, and I want to get out with out dying. I know this is possible because people sell endstone. Please help because I don't want to lose my stuff.
  2. just find the exit portal, go through it, hit ESC, and your back at the wild gate

    if its on smp2, just get to the end surface and head to the letters and greifed-looking place and the portal should be there
  3. exit portal? I'm on utopia
  4. There is always an exit portal in the end, it is usually found at surface level, and looks like a fountain sortof, just jump through it to to back to town. You can press escape to skip all the end game credits.
  5. thanks I found the fountain portal.
  6. No worries, it is a little daunting at first no having any visible sign to get back to town, but the end is not a scary place as long as you don't let your cursor hover on any endermen longer then a microsecond, otherwise they will attack you for 'looking' at them.