I am looking for someone to build me a player statue of myself

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  1. I want to hire a builder to build me a player statue of my current skin. I am looking for an experienced builder that knows what he is doing. please pm me with offers and requests and also if you want the job.
  2. I'll do this for you, if you would like some pictures of skins I have recently done then I can send you some.
  3. I have noticed your reply, what do you mean bye pictures of my skin i am having trouble updateing my profile pick thats why
  4. http://mcss.me/fat_batman
    He's looking for you to build a statue of this skin here.
  5. I didnt know that website existed thanks just go to it and search my name ok thats all you will need i think
  6. I meant pictures of statues that I'd already made, sorry if I was unclear.
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  7. darn i'm too late :(
  8. oh ok il like to see a one or 2 are they on empire
  9. I can do it :) 3d or 2d?
  10. this will need to be 3d and i need to know if you are qualified i know Theminikins replied first and still need to see an example of someone else. so theminikins is at the top of the pile sorry
  11. Just curious, but is that a Broly skin?
  12. Ok. I built one for brookey, before she was banned. Her res got deleted. I build at a 1 to 1 scale (1block to a pixle)
  13. I can send you pictures on fridayafter school, then you can decide if you want me to build it, and no, they are not on Empire, they're on my own server. :)
  14. Not a clue, not my skin.
    But it does look a little like Broly...
  15. it is a broly skin yes... i cant build for the life of me so this is why im doing this