I am having a big problem

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  1. For some reason all the water i put down on my residence seems to turn into ice. I cant stop it and breaking the ice doesnt do anything. I really need help and torches wont work.
  2. Place either jack-o-lanterns or glowstone under the water, or just place a block above the water (at any height) and break the ice. :)
  3. Ah yes another person who also lives in the Taiga aka: snow biome... We will always have problems with this just do what crazy said :p I use torches but jack-o-lanterns are even better :D..
    Well at least it will come in handy in MC 1.3 cause silk touch works with ice: new goal Ice Farm :p
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  4. Thanks crazy
  5. That is a great idea for those stuck with this issue for now. We're HOPING we get some kind of api from Mojang in the future so we can fix the whole town to be normal eventually. A lot of it got stuck in "swamp" biome after one of the updates and it's super ugly, haha.
  6. Could just move the entire town onto a superflat world, since it's all the same biome there... don't know if there's actually a way to move it anymore.
  7. Probably not without melting whichever building our servers are being leased in, I'm guessing.
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  8. Can I stick in the ice biome though? I actually want to make a cheap buck mining ice ;)
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  9. lol
  10. I message Justin about a plugin that changes the biome of the land, He said he would look into it :p