I am confused?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by CaptainXander, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. I just joined the Empire, and it is all good, but I heard that when you go through the tutorial you get items and like 1500 rupees or something like that, and I got nothing :(. Also, why is their questions about SMP1 on SMP3?
  2. Can anyone help? I will check back tomorrow, I need to go to bed. Night everyone!
  3. use the command, /r to check ur avail rupees. the question about the server is because we get new servers all the time smp1,2,3,4. SMP1 is just used as example.
  4. Ok on the questions part. But I did check my rupees, and I had 100r. But that is from me doing the "Vote to get more rupees" thing.
  5. This is due to a bug that if you vote before you finish the tutorial you dont recieve the rupee bonus. I will get Jeremy to credit this to you.
  6. Thanks shaun and Leo. I am still confused about the items, do you normally get them or was that just made up?
  7. The Empire grants you items that will help you get started. Like 5 saplings. You can grow trees with those, cut them down. get wood and more saplings. Just a small way to boost your venture into the world ;p
  8. Same bug applies unfortunately, it seems interaction with the site voting system causes items not to appear in inventory as well. Usually it is a set of stone tools, 5 saplings and some food i believe. I can bring these to you in game if you like.
  9. Ah, I thought he just didnt know what they were for lol woops!
  10. I recently went this process with a friends account, they upgraded to iron whilst still in tutorial and didnt recieve starting rupees and items, that's the only reason I know so much about it. :)
  11. Thanks shaun, but there is no need, The items would be nice, but there is no need. I have the money to start myself off now.

    EDIT: Well, I don't have the money yet, but you know what I mean :p