I am almost 1 year old.

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  1. On January 2 2014 I will be 1 year old! Yay, I guess this is young compared to most people but it's funny because a while ago I was thinking what I would be like when I am 365 days here. Now I'm so close.
    Should I have a party? Or does anyone have any ideas.??
  2. Burn it all.
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  3. Do what I did, have a small part in the wild and then have someone just randomly appear shooting fireworks :p
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  4. For my 1 year 'party', I made a thread detailing most of my EMC life so far and I think I handed out a couple of rupees to people. I never really did anything big.

    I wouldn't imagine a new thread would be something good for you, you dish out like 10 new threads a day...
  5. I will make a thread on that day or the day before/after if I have time. I will make a thread about my whole entire EMC experience. I have lots of info to share. I wish the main people of it, most of them, we're here today :(
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