I am afraid that when I had reported someone that it might be interpreted the wrong way.

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  1. I am going to go into a further explaination now, when i reported RAINING_CHOAS I used a vague reason and i would like to elaborate on myt reason before I myself get banned for "False Reporting" which I didnt do.

    It started when I decided to use the /v Random command when I was a little bored. It then teleported me to 754 where RAINING_CHOAS lived and I was suprised to see what was there. There were three Swastikas, two made of wood, one made of water. This is very offensive to many Jews and other people (I am not Jewish btw) and I thought it is completely wrong. It os okay to express your beliefs and all that but not on a server where many children, like myself, play on a regular basis. It is unhealthy to see many things that may influence children in a wrong way. As I explored more, there was a hole in which I fell down and to my horror there was a sign that says "We will strike your other servers" and I am a little confused pondering the meaning of it. Thank You.
    Here are some pictures as evidence:

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  2. Hmm, do i see AVO in the background? FANBOYS!

    btw Avo stands for Team Avolition which is a griefing team. Known for destroying Reddit servers.

    [EDIT] Show this to the mod/admin there banned you,
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  3. This has been done before and we have been trying to catch people who do that, so thx for catching him.
  4. Thank you for this. But next time, just contact a Sr. Mod if you come across something like this :)

    We'll take care of it.
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