i am a newbie and don't know where to get resources ??

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  1. I am in smp1 and got a residence but I want to build and I don't know where to get resources

    I travelled to the wilderness but it is full of TNT explosions and there is no single tree alive and the mines are empty. so where to gather resources ?
  2. You have to go a bit more far from that area to find some trees and untouched mines, if you get lost dont forget to use the Live map , or you could buy resources from a shop, :)
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  3. I gave 600 rupees to your account, you can buy some materials for mining, sonicol gave great advice, You might want to walk a good 10 to 15 minutes and then start to mine. Good luck! :)
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  4. Is there a easiest way to get back to my house ??

    is there an option to teleport to another place in wilderness or every time in wilderness I should search to a new location ??

  5. There is a portal near the Wild Spawn area that will transport you farther out. Usually those areas are rather picked over as well, but if you start from one of the outposts, you'll find it easier to find a good spot to mine.
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  6. Use the Live Map for your server here for that: http://empireminecraft.com/servers/

    Or if you have Rei's Minimap mod installed, it is one of the mods that are approved for use here. I use it and Live map both all the time.
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  8. At the spawn, there are also teleports to outposts which are 10k out from the spawn. Area's around the spawn get mined out heavily (and reset on occasion), so you'll need to walk out.

    I don't really recommend using existing mines, since most of the time the person using them originally has mined up whatever they can find.

    Edit: Beaten to all of it.
  9. Ill suggest you making a cobblestone generator. Just so you can get abit of money by selling that, and wood is good for money too, if you start farming both of them you should be able to buy animals, and whatever you need.
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  10. No there is no "Easy" way back to town, if it is night, i suggest wait until day, and run like crazy! Also voting is a great way to earn a lot of rupees, and help cut your trips to the wild down :) You can find the links to vote here: http://empireminecraft.com/rupees You can earn 500 rupees a day by voting! And it will go higher if you vote each day! You can earn (to my knowledge) 700 rupees a day!
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  11. thanks guys for the great advises :D
  12. '1 sapling built an empire' -me
    It may mean something to someone :)
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  13. so I moved like 20mins away from spawn I only found 4 blocks of dirt in the ocean I mined under it and fond 6 coals and 1 iron :cool:
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  14. Also, when You get resourses You can sell them to a buy and sell shop to get rupees. You sell your stuff with right click. I have a buy and sell shop in 6681 (smp3). You can transport your things through vault. Type /vault and put your stuff there and then in the other server OPEn it again with /vault and sell your stuff!
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  15. Travel few thousand block in the nether and make a portal there, you SHOULD get into a fresh area if you wonder the right direction :p
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  16. Try going out farther into the wild. The deeper you go, the more minerals you will get whole mining. Also, on the Empire, we get a 100 rupee sign in bonus a day. This is very helpful towards funds to buy supplies. Many people are interested in buying supplies from the wild (As many of us are to lazy to get it ourselves:)) I wish you the best of luck and welcome to the Empire!

    TIP: Read the Empire Guide. It is full of tons of information to help you with your life on EMC.