I am 300 EMC days old!!!!!

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  1. Today I turned 300 EMC days old. This just proves how awesome EMC is. I remember the first server I got on when I got my Minecraft account was EMC. I remember the pointless library, the super small shop, and the amazing pool. Once I got on I got a lot, bought some wood,and waited for the trees to grow.(Being a noob I didn't know you could use bonemeal.)I also bought some pointless redstone. After the first hour I learned about the Wilderness(wild back then), and I decided to go there with a wood pickaxe, a bread, a red mushroom, and 5 redstone(All of my belongings). I found iron ore and starting mining(Being a noob I used a wood and couldn't get it.).After about 30 minutes I got lost and yelled for help. I said I would give 5 redstone to anyone who would find me(Me not knowing redstone was not that valuable.). Some guy said" You Idiot, use the live map". I was like what? Then he told me to go to EMC.com(etc.) and thats when I found out all about EMC.
    Those were the good old days. I remember when Dark_Liz had a nature theme lot. And when you could actually walk to your lot from the spawn.
    I would like to say thanks to Justin, ICC, and all the old mods for creating this amazing server.
    If you are curious if I am telling the truth just do /p Hash98 .
    One of your oldest EMC members,
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  2. Awesome bro :)
    I see there is a bug
    First empire sign in 299 xD
  3. :) Some older memebers havent left EMC. Yaa!
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  4. I don't think I will EVER leave EMC.
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  5. No reson to.
  6. Wow, you have been here since day one. Impressive:)
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  7. Yep, I think it is funny when someone on the server is making fun of a noob for being 4 days old by like"I am 100 EMC days old!",and then I tell them to stop, and there like, shutup, your a noob to, and I am like, "I am 300 EMC days old."-That usually shuts them up:D.
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  8. I remember when the library was destroyed....I cried....:D
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