I accidentally turned residence chat on. Please help :)

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  1. Hey there people of the Empire, I have a quick question...
    How on Earth do I turn /rc off?
    As far as I'm concerned, it isn't in the Guide, therefore I have absolutely no idea how it's fixed!
    It comes up with this message when I talk:
    MissMadison910: blahblah
    In that colour! I don't know how to turn it off!

    I could not see any moderators or staff online, so I didn't have anybody to ask in PM, that's
    why it's in a forum post.

    Hope somebody can help fix this,

  2. Oh I got it! You just type /rc to toggle it off :)

    Mega DERP moment then xD
  3. I feel like your profile picture may consider to this as well. <.< >.> lol
  4. LOL thanks xD
    It's not like I'm blonde...
    (I have brown hair lol)
  5. (completely out of the question) well I can count to dirt =P
  6. What exactly is /rc ?
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  7. ResidenceChat

    And to turn it off, just type /rc again
  8. he means wat does it do
  9. Isn't the name self explanatory?
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  10. So does it mean like that only people in ur residence can hear you? So it's more local than local?
  11. Before this I didn't think you COULD get any more local than local xD
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  12. yo dawg I heard you like local,

    so we put local in your local so you can chat local while your local
  13. But, but... where is Xzibit? :(
  14. My bother has Down Syndrome. I find your picture quite offensive. Please can you change it
  15. oh im so sorry i changed it as soon as i saw that im really sorry!
  16. Thank You. Its ok. I wasnt mad. Just offended.
  17. Work blocks meme generator :( FML