i a selling a silktouch effect Iv

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  1. i got it a when i started playing smp5 then i got another and didnt need this 1 so im selling it it is a diamond silktouch effect IV it comes with diamond ore lampis ore gold pickaix effect II also 3 ender pearls 9 diamonds 2 coco beans 2 squid eggs iron sword and saddle the total comes to
    $ 14000r or ill make a deal it must be higher than 10000r 2012-04-09_15.38.47.png
  2. :D its my pick
    Ill buy it back for 10k
  3. no no it was another i got a while ago
    before urs
  4. but ill sell it to u if u want if u buy it for 1ok then it comes with ... 9 iron 3 dimounds and 1 coco bean and 1 iron sword oh ya ill be at my res 10995 if u want it
  5. when will u be on smp5 ?
  6. May I buy it for 8.5 discarding the other items?
    But 10k is fine with the items.
  7. well i guess if u need to u can but it for 8.5 but it up to u
  8. but when wanna go on smp5 at 10995 ?
  9. ill be on now :)