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  1. If one was to kill themselves with fire and/or lava and submitted screenshots of it to mods. Would one get banned for pvp?
  2. I believe that DJ_Honeydew tried to stage things to get people banned.
    He got banned.
  3. It would be suicide, and technically not pvp.
    I think it would be more of a "self vs self".
    I doubt the player will get banned for that, unless he/she requested to ban themselves.

    Edit : Oh, that's what you meant, framing others for pvp. Thought you meant one killing himself then reporting himself.
  4. Killing yourself is your business. ;) as long as you dont kill someone else.
    And sending screen to a mod that way is not really appropriate. Since u did it yourself.
    It's more like trolling a mod.
  5. Wasn't meaning to stage people.Just if I was having a bad day and wanted to take it out on myself. completely hypothetical though.
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  6. No, you'd just be an idiot then. :) And more-so if you tried to report it. :p
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  7. Ok, so was my thoughts correct?
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  8. Would love to see the pics... that's if it happened, of course. :p
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  9. Well a few hours ago I was fighting 2 Endermen in a gorge and while getting the 2nd one I fell in lava. Even used my bucket of water but it was too late. Lost several enchanted pics and armor. Got an enderpearl from the 1st one too. :mad: All gone.

    Went to digging and found enough for the armor and 15 diamonds withing a hour so I feel better now! :)
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  10. You would be yourself ;)
    You would be your name :D
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  11. I planned make a vid and report myself.I lied about the hypothetical stuff.
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  12. Ahhh. Troll
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  13. You mean like this...
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    Killing myself with a flint and steel. Without the reporting of couse.
  14. lol the video got corrupted,lets try again
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  15. Silly still fighting boredom in an all out war hmm? :)
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  16. lololol
    that's funny
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  17. Not boredom,just a fun little project.There is a reason for this.
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  18. I reported myself to ismooch.
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  19. What if someone caught themselves on fire and blamed it on a Zombie? Would the Zombie be taken out by Jeb, the player be banned, or introducing a new mob? Hmmmmm......
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  20. Nothing would happen to anyone. :)
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