Hypothetical EMC Apocalypse.

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What do you do?

Panic and disconnect 6 vote(s) 15.8%
Start an army, capture a hacker, and take away their fly and speedhacks. 31 vote(s) 81.6%
Run away with your tail between your legs 1 vote(s) 2.6%
  1. So, youre a mod and youre trolling the chat to look for offenders.Its nighttime and the streets are clear. You check the website for updates and see the logo has been changed. It says "Empire MineCRASHED" And theres hacker propaganda all over the website. PVP is on, mod powers are gone, and mobs roam the streets. The hackers have inventory edit, fly, and speedhacks. What do you do?
  2. I say Hi To prop cause I know him o.0
  3. ? Propaganda is stuff like "We want you!" "Die EMC Die!" did you think it was a name?
  4. I think I would probably disconnect and see what was up in a few hours, but I'm a big chicken :D
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  5. No offense, but i would probably camp 10 thousand blocks out in the wild with a double chest full of cooked chicken, diamond armor, and tools. I would probably have no money but survive until the hackers die.
  6. I would go into my bunker in my res and get out my supply shizzle I have for when this does happen/April fool and I will kill those little people and claim EMC my own!!! they realize that its best to let Justin run it :)
  7. To be honest I wouldn't mind joining an army but I don't know how to deal with hackers at all.
  8. I would black hack the server back, then white hack it over to just with better server encryption.
  9. I would just wait for Justinguy to save the day :D

    With all those powers I don't think we could do much against the hackers. Better to disconnect and not fuel their trolling by fighting back. Just let it get fixed.
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  10. 2 deal with hackers u do the opposite of what they think you're going to do
    instead of running, screaming, disconnecting, you just talk to them ask them wat they are doing
  11. Step1: Dont panic!
    Step2: Press esc
    Step3: Hit the disconnect button
    Step4: Hit the exit button
    Step5: Turn off your computer
    Step6: Jump out of the window
    If you dont die please reconnect
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  12. Pfft just make them rage by telling them you love them on and you know they are good on the inside, gets them SO angry!
  13. That's what u don't want 2 do. Remember their in control
  14. So, they will be so angry and ragin they won't notice JustinGuy coming back into control and IP banning them. They might ban me but Justin would be a kind soul and un-ban me.
  15. they are hackers they might get around with this IP banning them.
  16. Don't put ideas into people's mind! :/
  17. Dig a big hole to the bottom of my res and stay there until its over might poke my head out a couple of times
  18. I would wake up, because only in one's dreams could someone successfully do anything like that to EMC. ;)
  19. And that is why we love you! ;)
  20. I would call Justin.