Hyper-Activity Thread

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  1. hey guys, i'm feeling extremely hyper right now and decided (without thinking), to make the most random thread ever made!!!!!!

    So now i give to you, The Hyper-Activity Thread!!!!

    Da Rulez:
    - only post random pictures and or words
    - no pictures of your cat, nobody cares about your cat...
    - no my little pony pictures

    This thread helps to calm hyper-activity, so post as much randomness as possible :D :D :D
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  3. Quick question: Are videos allowed?
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  4. as long as its irrelevant
  5. You make it sound so funny lol
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  6. Da heck did i just watch O_O
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  7. Sorry I had to be the guy but....

  8. Are you sure thats not what you've been eating and why your so hyper with 'a little something' added to it? :p /joke
  9. image.jpg
    My conversation with clever bot.
    Aaaaaand, it just told me to watch mean girls.
  10. Yaaaay! I HATE cats!

    How dare you sir!