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  1. Animal Man #15, Swamp Thing #15, The Legend of Luther Strode #1, and The Walking Dead Episodes 4 and 5.

    Warning, spoilers ahead!

    The Legend of Luther Strode #1 This is rated M for all the sweet, sweet ultra-violence and swearing.
    The Legend of Luther Strode is the sequel miniseries to the miniseries The Strange Talent of Luther Strode. A quick recap, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode follows the journey of a nerd who gets a copy of an old exercise program that gives him superpowers. This isn't your average tale of person-gets-superpowers-and-becomes-boy-scout-who-does-everything-right; Luther Strode can be seen punching people so hard their heads explode. Anyway, it is really awesome you should pick up the paperback of it, now to the review.
    I really liked the cover; I thought it was eye-catching and might persuade someone into checking out the series. The story starts five years after the first miniseries. Luther Strode has now gained urban legend status and is still fighting crime (oh the sweet, sweet ultra-violence). This miniseries appears like it will deal with the idea of superpowers being a curse, not a blessing. Not much to say since it is the first issue other then it is awesome check it out.

    Animal Man #15
    I will start off by saying I hate Steve Pugh's art; he is trying so hard to be Travel Foreman (the previous artist on Animal Man), but his art just isn't good. Also, I like Neil Gaiman's Black Orchid best and I like green Beast Boy not red Beast Boy. Anyway, onto the cover; it was okay I guess. Maybe if somebody else drew the cover it might be good; but it is just a generic fight scene cover. It is 15 issues in so I won't be racap-ing the story, just go check out the past issues. The first few pages were just meh; mainly because of the Gorilla Grodd fight. I don't think bringing Gorilla Grodd into it was a good idea; he just isn't a major character. Some of the fighting dialogue was pretty bad; but this is often the case with Jeff Lemire. Seeing some more of pre-rot world Maxine was good (even though I was screaming,"Don't go with William Arcane!"). I thought the dream sequence was a good throwback to the first few issues. The discovery of the Green Lantern st the end was a nice way to wrap it up.

    Swamp Thing #15
    Swamp Thing and Animal Man are connected series so you should check both of them out. The cover was really sweet; Batman and Swamp Thing... Oh hell yes! I really enjoyed the art this issue. I thought Marco Rudy's Abigail was just okay, but he really nailed rot mode Abby. The rest of the issues art had a really dark tone. Not much to say on the first part other then Swamp Thing and Deadman finish up the fight with William Arcane (Starro was really the best name you could come up with Snyder?). Similar to Animal Man, Swamp Thing had a pre-rot world flash back that was really good. The ending was what made this issue. Batman was infected by the rot and turned into a bat! Barbara Gordon has taken the Man-Bat formula at some point! I am excited for the next issue.

    The Walking Dead: Episode 4 - Around Every Corner
    This episode was awesome!... but not without flaws. This episode was a lot more action-y than its predecessors, which really worked to its advantage. Molly was a nice parallel of Michonne; and Crawford is a good parallel of the Governor story arc in the comics. I really thought Omid and Christa really start to develop as characters on episodes 4 and 5, but I was sad I didn't get to see more of Chuck's backstory. This episode really accomplishes building suspense; with the stalker and the school scene. But the part with the zombie boy was tedious. I know it was supposed to be emotional because Kenny lost his son, but I just couldn't care. The ending was amazing though. What a surprise. My stats (the group I sided with always comes first in the percentages):
    I killed the boy in the attic. 74%/26%
    I was rational and honest with Vernon. 66%/34%
    I brought Clementine with me to Crawford. 74%/26%
    I let Ben fall to his death. 32%/68% (Really guys? You all pulled him up?)
    I hid my bite. 19%/81%

    The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time Left
    This last episode was so good. I know that it was the shortest, but that really fit the theme and it didn't need to be longer. This episode provided such a good conclusion to the game. I will just hit some highlights. Kenny sacrificing himself; I didn't see the body so he isn't dead. Going through the mass of zombies with nothing but a meat cleaver made me feel like such a badass. I really liked the conversation with the stranger; the game sits you down and makes you face your choices good or bad. Going through the mass of zombies again, but this time feeling so weak was a really interesting parallel to the first time. And the ending. The ending made me cry and I never cry. My stats on this one:
    I cut off my arm 70%/30%. (It worked for Dale on the comic books.)
    I calmly argued with Kenny. 27%/73% (Why does everyone hate Kenny? I really like Kenny. Yes, he is an idiot, but he is a likable idiot.)
    I surrendered my weapons to the stranger. 59%/41%
    I didn't kill Clementine's captor. 56%/44% (How was I supposed to kill this guy? Clem came up behind him and hit him in the arm with the meat cleaver. Then we started fighting and then Clem shot him. Not sure how I could kill him.)
    I made sure Lee didn't turn. 63%/37% (This was the part that made me cry.)

    So that is the end of my review for this week. I don't know if I will do any more of these. I guess it depends on how much attention this one gets.
  2. The Legend of Luther Strode #1 sounds pretty interesting.
  3. It is really good. Just make sure you read The Strange Talent of Luther Strode paperback first (which is only 10.19 on amazon). I forgot to state on the review that it is only a six issue miniseries.
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