Hydrosphere Hotel

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  1. Okay I was a little hesitant to post this because shortly after I came up with the idea, a completed underwater hotel thread was posted. Still - I decided to keep building it and I believe that the hotel does look somewhat unique to the other.

    I'm currently selling (and building) spheres and am pretty much open to price negotiation, so feel free to make offers if you're interested. Just be aware that each sphere costs approximately 800-1000 rupees to build, so I won't go significantly lower than that without specific reason.

    Feel free to drop by and visit at residence 4000 (which is on smp2).

    Side view:

    Main dome:

    Room 03 (top):

    Room 03 (bottom):

    Each room comes equipped with a bed, crafting table and 2 furnaces (which could possibly be expanded to 10). In addition, I will also add storage chests into the bottom sphere half for personal storage on request.
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  2. It looks great :)
  3. Thank you :D
  4. Great job!