Hydro Inc. Hiring Thread

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  1. Application:
    1. What do you want to be?
    2. What other job/jobs have you done in the past?
    3. Part time or full time?
    4. Home server?
    5.Time on EMC?
    6. Referances (Must have at least 2 or more)
    7. Any other things you want to put about your skills or anything like that.
    List of employees on next post
  2. Miners- Kyyyyle, Mr_Boeing777
    HQ Employees- devon699, L0tad, Th3D4rkWarrior, matthew12hydro
    Builders- Th3D4rkWarrior, jacobpav
    Cafe Workers- fd_v_sk1lls
    Shop Stand Owners- L0tad, matthew12hydro, Th3D4rkWarrior
    Gardener- _Stads_
    Thats it for now
  3. it would help if u said what hydro inc. is
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  4. Gardener
    Digging, building and machine making
    part time (when I log on I'll complete job)
    Just over 2 months
    (I'll get some people to recommend me)
    Building not digging
  5. Hydro Inc. is a company that sells items for players. We also build farms.
  6. He helped me build on my res and designed my house and pond
  7. Ok I cant exactly make you an employee without references so until then you are not an official employee.
  8. Ok thanks for the referal
  9. Sorry for the delay but welcome to Hydro Inc.!
  10. Do you guys by any chance supply sandstone? I'd place a little order for that :D What about 70.000 pieces?
  11. First what type of sandstone? And second I might not have that much.....
    I can sell you what I have? Maybe?
  12. Thats a tall order to cover.

    at my market prices at 60r a stack, thats around 65.5k rupees
  13. Ohh, but do you have 70000 sandstone? Otherwise we would order everything at your shop. We could make a deal.
  14. Just normal sandstone, we buy it in our shop at 14141 multiple chests for it.
  15. and ur paying 112r per stack too...hmmmm......Ill see what I can do
  16. Yeah we already traveled to your shop but you only had 2 stacks
  17. Sarcasm aside...
    I want to make sure you understand the depth of your order before I spend hours converting and moving
  18. Okay, I have ~25k pcs moved over. but my hand is half numb and I have to go to work. I will work on this after I get off (9:30pm cst)
  19. Ok awesome! :D