Hydro building services.

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  1. Need something built? Hydro building services is here to help! We will also landscape and decorate for you as well! Now hiring!
    IMAGES- We dont have any yet, since we just started
    Active projects- None
    Waiting list- None
    Employees- matthew12hydro, avaRocker. We are looking to hire people!
    So yeah thats it for now.
  2. Hmmmm.........do you know how to make malls bright inside while NOT putting glowstone and torches everywhere like the last building company XD

    EDIT: Sorry already finished it with friend's help XD
  3. Yes I hook up redstone lamps with wiring and levers on the roof and hide the levers by building something so the levers would be on the roof, and something would be there so you wouldnt see the levers.