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  1. Hello fellow EMC members!
    As of today June 26 I will be creating a supply company by the name of Beaver inc.
    You may be wondering what my supply company will! :p Many of you have large malls or shops and we all know of the time and effort it akes to keep them stocked. My company has been put in play to help those with large malls and shops. You simply have to PM me the details of your orders and i will give you a ETA on when i will have them ready for you. The order should look something like this
    Item Needed
    Amount needed [ I do SC or DC]
    Amount of DC [ If applies]
    When you would like it to be done [ THIS IS A SUGGESTION]
    Premium order (Extra fast) Normal order
    Pickup or deliver

    Delivery will add the amount of R it takes to put in my vault
    Premium orders will add 1/5 of the price pf the amount of items you want
    For example if you wanted a SC of dirt and i would get it to you for 10r and you wanted it premium order than it would be 12r all togethar.
    DISCLAIMER: I might not always except your order if it is something to big of a feat to accomplish (DC of diamond blocks ECT.)
    More details will be discussed in message if need be.
    At the time of the order I will give you a price.
    Thanks to all and let the ordering begin!
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  2. I suggest making a catalog so you don't make people upset for not accepting their order. And set prices with the catalog as well so people know what to pay.
  3. Thanks but It might be better to make a catalog of what i wont do because there is alot more i will do rather than not. I do appreciate the suggestion.
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  6. Due to my inbox overflowing I ask that you post your orders here, thanks!