Hunger in town

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Want hunger in town?

Yes 5 vote(s) 26.3%
No 14 vote(s) 73.7%
  1. Is there a way to turn on hunger in town I like having hunger it makes it hard its kinda boring never getting hungry (I wanna eat my cake!)

    If anyone agrees with me plz Like this comment and vote yes or no in the poll also plz leave your opinions I would like to see what you guys think
  2. if you run non stop on a street road your hunger bar depletes or if you log in on a really laggy day it can also happen
  3. /Wild
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  4. But is there a way to get hungry in town like you get hungry in the wild?
  5. Nope, and I dont like this idea myself because everyone likes to sprint in a non-hunger area, right? If we had hunger, it will change everything. People will need farms that take up some residence space. I personally have a farm, but not everyone has one! I will personally contact a mod, because this will NEVER happen!
  6. What about an option to turn hunger on and off in town
    like this comment If you agree
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  7. we need a not like button for that
  8. dude if we ad hunger to town this will make people less likely to play empire.
    as we already just hit 40,000 peeps so adding this will just make the number drop by a mile k
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  9. Town is meant to be safe. We have a wild for a reason.
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  10. i still think that hunger in town would stop players from even playing emc
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  11. *Finds hidden dislike button*
  12. Technically, its possible to lose hunger bars in town, simply run around on the streets of town (Not residences, spawn, shop, etc.). You quickly regain hunger bars when standing in any of the areas stated above though.