Humble Indie Bundle Help!

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  1. THANK YOU FOR THE PERSON WHO BOUGHT IT FOR ME, I OWE YOU ONE, this thread can now be closed or deleted.

    I have recently been drooling over the delicious luscious humble indie bundle. However I lack the object going by the name "credit card".

    If you are willing to buy me the humble indie bundle for $8.50 and give me a gift code I will either:
    • Give you $10 worth of rupees calculated by EMC's donation rupees counter
    • OR I can give you a gift card with your choice (example: Amazon gift Card, Playstation Gift Card, Xbox points)
    So if you are generous enough I shall give you the choices above.
    Here is the link to the humble indie bundle:

    If you want to know what the humble indie bundle is, its typically a program that allows you to buy a bundle of games in one price that you name. The money can go to whichever you want, either to developers, charity, or give the humble indie bundle program a tip. For more information visit

    PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PURCHASING. I do not want double purchases because thats wasting money. Confirm to me first that you are purchasing it so no one can get confused.
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  2. If you can get amazon gift cards, why can't you use amazon payments=?
  3. Its not accepted, I read reddit and some forum posts before I bought the amazon gift cards. Someone in reddit said the amazon gift cards don't work and some guy bought it for him instead.
  4. Wait, how do you get your supporter then? pay pal right? there is a paypal payment method i see :D
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  5. Thanks so much for this, I had no clue about Humble Bundle I just did 20. I have not played limbo in forever.
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  6. So DarkRanic was the great person that helped you out? *applause to her(him)* :p
  7. I wish it was me, but thecontroller already got it when I found out. I should have split my donation up into two 10s so that I could get another code... didn't thing that through. I really like what they are doing with this offering games that get pirated more than sold anyway, for what you want to pay. I'll defently be supporting them in the future.
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  8. Yeah, my brother and I are big fans of the Humble bundles. SO many great games :)
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  9. There are other bundles that have great games also.
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  10. I wish I had paypal
  11. True. But I did not bring that up as I did not see it to be relevant to the topic at hand.
    DarkRanic was talking about how good the HB is, so I added on my own opinion of it.
  12. I appreciate your very nice concerns. It tells me there are nice people in the internet and not just trolls. I have to agree EMC is a great community. :) I hope you become a long member in this community.