Huggability of Creepers

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  1. So, I was casually strolling through the wastelands of smp1 today without armor. And came upon a Charged creeper just hanging out [AFK Aikar]

    So I took it as an opportune moment to give it a Great big and lovable Hug! I even took a screenshot!

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  2. Forbidden Love... between a chicken and a creeper..
  3. I have a bunch of enraged creep pics, but none hugging them. nice job.
  4. Aha! You've let it slip! I always knew it. Mr. Chickeneer. Or should I call you..

    SPY CHICKEN!?!?!?
    What do you have to say in your defenese. Hmph?
  5. I know not of what you speak.
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  6. shopped, i can tell by some of the pixels.
  7. Actually, Sassy smooch is right. There are some charged creeper charge particles where there shouldn't be.
  8. I know right. Look at all those old looking graphics. That happens when you stretch a pic to much.
  9. Ahem...
    (what're you doing! This is the part where you yell "MUAHAHA! IT IS TOO LATE! EMC SHALL FALL FROM MY HANDS!)
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  10. Whats that internet rule again? Rule 34 I believe it was called. If it exist there is porn of it or will be. So thank you Dwight now we have that much more smut crowding up the interweb
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  11. O: A creeper getting a hug.

    This is foretold in the ancient Elder Scroll. It has been foretold one chicken may bring a peace to the Creeper world!
  12. Boy-That-Escalated-Quickly-Anchorman.gif
  13. I read and thought u where going to end with a star ref from the movies HOW WRONG WAS I! The chicken sees all...