Huge Zombie Giant in Frontier

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  1. I went on an adventure to find minerals and stuff, and I found this massive giant. It showed a message that said the ground was shaking. It was kind of scary, and when I tried to kill it, it teleported me into its feet and killed me instantly. I went out again this wime with a god apple, and it still killed me instantly. It still lies there

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  2. What server?
  3. It's Momentus! Run for your lives! I remember Momentus sucked up my friend, Panda... it didn't end well. :p
  4. smp1. That thing is a beast. So sad, it took my 3 horses, diamond armor, and a god pickaxe.
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  5. It will do that. Is it still there?
  6. It has happened to me too, but in the smp6 server
  7. I think it's kinda unfair that if you aren't at a distance it sucks you in and instantly kills you with no chance of surviving. Other than that, a few hours ago Lionkev and some others (including me) took a trip to the waste and took it down, but we got no loot :(
  8. You should always get something, be it zombie heads, diamonds or possibly even a toothpick.
    And as for "no chance of survival", just down a zombie virus, wait for the negative effects to come off and get in there. :cool:
  9. In that case the person in our team that got it stole it then, because when I asked in local chat nobody said they got anything.
  10. I didn't get anything. All i got was the loot from the angry zombies it spawned. And yes qwerty, it should still be there. I still remember the location exactly, but i cant kill it. I tried over 4 times grabbing gear and killing it, nothing worked.
  11. Hint hint: lure it into a river, get some prot 4 armour, and a good sword and bow. Also, bring some zombie virus.

    I killed two at once like this.
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  12. How do you summon him? Or do you just find him?
  13. You can only find them. Also, what coords?
  14. this is good advice these monsters don't like water :)
  15. I encountered marlix (A flying, flaming skeleton that shoots flaming arrows of righteousness at you and spawns enraged skeleton every time you land a hit on him) twice in one day the first one ran away the second one I chased for THREE min craft days and nights wacking him with a sharpness 5 knock back 2 fire aspect 2 unbreaking 3 looting 3 and equipped with nearly god armor and he broke the armor (armor was unbreaking 3) the he finnaly killed me and I rage quit for the rest of the night.
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  16. He spawns randomly in the Frontier and Wastelands. You can tell when he spawns when it says
    "You feel the ground shake benieth you"
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  17. I encounter a creeper once with speed 10... And there was no happy ending...
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  18. psssh who wears armor
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  19. thats my boy
  20. It is still there lol. I am wondering if my stuff is there as well. I even ate a god apple and tried to kill it. Nothing worked. If i go again, I might need help. Because luring it is very hard, for when you get in distance, it just sucks you up lol. I will just snipe it in the legs.
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