Huge selection of enchanted items, from 29 rupees

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  1. Finally, enchanted items that are in stock.

    Fortune III's from <5000, silks <8000.

    Efficiency/Unbreaking picks.

    12 types of sword - from 300 to 3000+.

    Bows - Power I thru Power V.

    Spades, and axes.

    ---apologies in advance if they sell out fast... I'm *trying* to keep stocks, as best I can.

    SMP9 19000
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  2. Reccomend this shop.
  3. Mobs must be terrified of you Herb. :D "Oh no, he came back to make more swords out of us! Save yourselves!"
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  4. Hahaha!

    I just sold a sword at auction, with "Knockback II, Fire Aspect II, Looting III, Sharpness IV" - I think you wouldn't need to actually hit the mobs, they'd faint if they just saw it :p

    Or maybe they'd faint at the sight of me, in swimming trunks :p
  5. Herb + that sword = nether would be a safer place