Huge Sale!!! 12943

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    Hello Fellow Empire Minecraftians!!! I am currently holding a huge sale at my shop on smp6 res 12943!!! come on down ASAP as all the prices have had a HUGE reduction!!!
  2. why u give my permission away :(
  3. You hogging all the stuff :D i will give them back soon
  4. I, will take al ook :p
  5. can i have perms back plz
  6. ok, im back from the movies :p gonna give perms back, and reduce the prices even more!!!
  7. Grr Mistro I spent like 2k there lol.
  8. Ima comin!
  9. thanks, i bought all the Coal and some other stuff... cool shop :)
  10. Thanks to everyone who came and bought stuff! there is still quite alot in stock so come on down as i will be reducing prices constantly :) oh, and donations are welcome :D