Huge Pixel Moon Bunny <3

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  1. Just thought I would share what I have been working on today. The dimensions are 60 x 100. I used blue wool, white wool, and white stained glass. I did not make the original piece of art and I do not know the artist.
    I'm going to be working on more panels like this to surround my residence.

    Anyone who would like to donate to this massive project would be greatly appreciated. I'll probably put up a board commemorating those who helped as well! But, so's just been me and my sheep.
    ^^ Anyway, I hope you like it and are inspired to do something creative too!

    - foxyblox
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  2. In case you are wondering where this is located, it is in Utopia. Just type /v foxblox 2 to visit and take a look on my progress!
  3. :) I will visit it tomorrow!
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  4. Here is the new panel I'm working on!
  5. I've also set up a visitor center! Free enchanting area, furnaces, crafting, and anvil!
    Come and see me sometime!