Huge old Auction

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Do you want this?

Want this 7 vote(s) 46.7%
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  1. Hey guys Im back with a Huge Old auction

    The items Included:Dc of iron ingots Dc of zombie flesh Dc of Potion of swiftness 8:00 minute and a dc of Instant health 2 potions

    Auction end time:24 hours after last valid bid

    Auction start:1k

    Minimum bid increment:1k
    I will accept if people want to split the items
    Happy Bidding
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  2. Auction Pickup TBA
  3. i can tell you want this lol FIGHT FOR IT
  4. Morning Bump
  5. Congratz ark_warrior1 you have won the auction pickup the items at 3307 access chests are set up for you
  6. Ok, I payed, so i will get there asap
  7. So are you planning on picking up your stuff?
  8. Question...
    How many chests is a :D Chest?
  9. 4
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  10. Sry I was planning to do it today, but my dad took the laptop to his school, so I couldn't I will try to do it tonight at the earliest or on Sunday.
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