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    It's recently come to me to build a huge hotel on SMP 2. Something grand, and with real use. I plan to put a working shower, top tier enchantment table, and all the other accessories in the rooms. I'd like to make it where anyone would have access to fuel for furnaces as well (basically meeting most of their needs as a real 5 star hotel does). I'm a diamond supporter, so luckily the 1300r a day is keeping the building going ok, but i've set chests out front for rupee donations. I could really use bookshelves, sandstone, wool of various colors, and glass when I'm online later today. The lot is 3764, and its still a work in progress! I'd love some feedback!

    Edit: I've decided to make a contact list for the rooms if people are interested. I dont want to sell off the rooms until they are complete, but I will at least contact the people on the list below and allow them to see the rooms / decide on getting one before I sell out. If the list exceeds the number of rooms, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it :)

    Penthouse List:

    Suite List:

    Donor List:

    Edit:So I'd like to do something special for donors. First off, obviously, I will add them to the top of whichever list they want to be on above. Second, I will put at least a sign (ideally a portal as well in the basement) to a location of their choosing (store or wherever they would like).

    Edit: Picture as of 6pm CST 1/24/2012 - I play in the evenings, so more progress will be made directly after these screenshots.

    Edit: ITS OPEN!!!! Contact either krysyyjane9191 or myself for details (more information on page 2). Visit lot 3764!

  2. I like it :D I use the combination of blue things (lapis/blue wool) and sandstone as well, i think it goes really well!
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  3. I might have some extra sugar cane / books / shelves lying around. Also, are you going to use redstone circuits in your hotel at all? I could donate some materials for that too.
  4. I've posted a picture of the progress so far! Anything would help! The showers are redstone circuits, and I plan to make an automatic wheat farm in the basement, so redstone would be fancy!

    I've come up with a few ideas that I'd be interested in feedback on. Whats a reasonable price (charged per week)? My thoughts are that if I charge per week i could provide a huge amount of services. My current plan is to charge 500r a week (which might be too pricey - need feedback), but I would provide 64 coal for the furnace, 10 bread/mushroom soup, and a set of diamond tools minus the hoe (axe,sword,pickaxe,shovel) per week. I think that's a reasonable price for the service, and would make the rooms even more useful.

    I could charge less per room, and provide only the coal and food or maybe provide even more for a greater charge? The penthouse rooms will get 10 golden apples per week for sure.
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  5. is there a presale of penthouse?
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  6. I'll put you down to contact first about a penthouse. I'm not going to sell them off until they are done, but I'll definitely make a list for reserve viewing.

    Planning it out, there will either be 4 or 8 penthouse's (huge rooms), depending on how much space everything takes up. I'm leaning towards 4 right now, but we will see how it pans out.
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  7. Dont worry m8, i just wanted to not miss the opportunity to be a tenant there =)
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  8. I've updated the main post with lists of the reserve, and what I plan to do (open to suggestions) for donors.
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  9. The bottom floor is done, and the skeleton is there for the rest of the floors. My partner in crime has decided we will make the penthouse rooms TWO Stories! More screenshots to follow, or simply come to 3764 on SMP2 to visit.

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  10. wow :)
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  11. Derp, Penthouse should Aways be two floors, that adds a certain feeling of True Luxury :D And it distincts Normal rooms from Luxurious rooms :D

    Have you seen my Hotel yet :D?

    @Utopia 5003

    Nice hotel!
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  12. Please put me on the tenant pre-sale list. You didn't mention any price for the penthouse. Maybe if you have to ask, you can't afford it? I think 500R a week is a reasonable rate for the services you plan to provide.
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  13. Hey i donated 100 check your rupee record I want a penthouse suite please
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  14. I had doubted making the penthouse rooms two stories mainly because the rooms are so big to begin with. The regular rooms are over 500 square blocks, and the penthouse rooms will be close to 1500 square blocks if not over (haven't counted them). Sooo much furniture to place...

    My partner wants the full set of tools to be in the penthouse rooms only, and the other rooms to get a diamond pickaxe (due to inflation of diamond costs). I've countered with a diamond pickaxe and sword, so we might be there. I'd hate to raise the cost of the rooms much more, we will see what it looks like when the penthouse's are done. Other than that I can tell you the penthouses (and maybe the other rooms if I can sneak it in) will have cake!

    I've seen the screenshots of your hotel Ecli, and it looks great! I'm waiting for mine to be done before I visit, so I won't be tempted to copy designs :) but it looks like progress is booming! I've got a empty utopia lot that I'm thinking I'll do the same giveaway with.

    I've updated the lists. Margaritte, i put you under the suites list since that's what you we referring to in your post, if you want to be on the other let me know. I didn't see your donation Terr, unless you are jackson14hockey, but I'll add you to the list as well.

    The lists are setup in order of donations (to be fair), so once the penthouse list fills up, the names will be called in the order of what they donated. I'll probably do a forced rotation after the first week if its an issue.
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  15. Woops forgot let me do it right now

    EDIT: Rupees sent
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  16. On my Eclipsion Palace Tower Hotel Thread I've posted the size of my Penthouse+ room, checkout That size XD It's two stories, and huuggeeeee. Ofcourse its also Luxurious :D
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  17. Lol, i'd sure hope they are big since they're on the utopia lots :p Having 4 times the space makes it much easier to make huge rooms. I just rarely find myself on the utopia server, since some of the people I play with aren't supporters and can't go to the wild/nether there, so I figured a hotel that doesn't require me to /vault everything back and forth would be nice.

    You'll have to let me know when its done and maybe we can work out some combined project for my utopia lot.
  18. I would like to help build your hotel if you would let me i can't get on right now, at school, but in a couple of hours i can.
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  19. Okay, so unfortunately due to my first round of college tests I havent been able to work on the penthouses that much, but tests are done so the penthouses should be done as soon as I can scrape up the materials and in between classes :p

    P.S. For ya'll who didn't know, I am ignoramoose's partner in building this hotel ;)
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  20. Hello Please may I order a pent-house room (For when its completed)
    how much will it be to stay there forever?
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