Huge Changes to Bob's Shop!

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  1. Hey guys so I have made some huge changes to my shop in the past few days and I am working on setting my shop back up. So if you stop by and not everything is setup it is because I am still working on my shop! Thanks for all your support to my shop it means more than you know to me :D Also donations of nether brick are much appreciated and help a ton so if you would like to donate some nether brick PM me when I am on the EMC website or when I am on Minecraft! Thanks again,


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  2. Good Luck! Hope it turns out well!
  3. Yah me to :D Hopfully it will turn out to be the SMP4 Mall :D
  4. That may take some time ;)
  5. It may, it may....
  6. Dude, That looks so epic!
  7. Thanks :D