Huge Auction - Ideas?

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  1. Hosting a HUGE Auction!

    Post ideas below :p
  2. Every Item In Minecraft + The Items EMC Has Made In 64 DC Quantities
  3. Starting bid - 10,000,000r
    Increment - 500,000r
    Too much, my friend Haha

    I would love to bid on a huge Wood Log auction. Upwards of 10 - 20 double chests would attract very nice results.
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  4. 100 DCs of dirt.
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  5. In all honesty a nice beacon auction perhaps 54 (1 per slot?)
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  6. Good ideas so far guys! Can defintely see Wood + Beacons being added to this Auction :D! Not sure if I should be splitting this auction into parts because there is just going to be a TON of stuff!

    Keep up the ideas!
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  8. yes