Huge animal/villager lag problem

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Element_Of_Power, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. On smp4, at josh30000's res there are two huge ufo-style villager farms.
    These farms have at the moment 500 or more villagers in them each and are causing so much lag
    that my 1/2 of my res is unusable due to lag and my friend katavi1234567 cannot even get on to his res. Josh30000 cannot log on to EMC at all. Can a mod delete these villagers please??
  2. These villagers are multiplying at an insane rate and my res is 3/4 not usable now.
  3. :eek: LAG! has arrived
  4. On single player i have done that before just if he gets or logs on tell him to flag you so you can kill the villagers that will solve the problem.
  5. who has build perm on that res
  6. i dont care for ur lanuage
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  7. I'm sure if you let a mod know, he or she will do something about it.

    However, I'm a new(ish) member, and wouldn't take what I say at face value LOL