Huge Ammouts of Mossy Cobble | 4421 SMP2

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  1. Around 20 stacks, according to Rupees History :) Feel free to buy LOADS! :D
  2. Do you by anychance have a ton of sandstone? Let me know.
  3. Unfortunately no, very sorry. :/
  4. how much/stack? and can you hold it for me? :p
  5. I'm actually not sure how much lol, sorry. :/ I can't get on ATM. :)

    And I wouldn't worry, there's plenty of it. :)
  6. likewise - I updated without knowing it would affect the game - anyhow hope its still plenty when i get back online =P
  7. I'm sure it will be :) Have you considered downgrading?
  8. I have no restore points activated, and I'm too stupid to use MCnosa or whatever it is :p
  9. I'm sure a a quick google search will fimd you a .jar :)
  10. ok, whats your excuse for not being able to get on? lol
  11. No internet :/
  12. Hmm, thats a fairly good excuse lol - anyhow I'm looking for the file I I'll buy ya clean if I can :p
  13. Don't have a clean one sorry :)
  14. Ew who would wanna buy mossy cobble from you? ;P
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  15. John, No asking for a .jar, It's against the law.
  16. *Cries*
  17. thanks josh for the information, but maybe if you read the thread, you'd noticed that I didn't ask anything about getting a .jar file from you, or ANYONE else. but thanks for pointing out the obvious..
  18. Aw I take it back D:
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