HUGE 24 res build! (Want to Donate?)

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    Want to Donate?

    As you can tell, a project this big is not cheap and really hard to keep up with the funding for it. Currently I am voting on 6 of my own accounts and plan on opening up a few services and shops to help save as much rupees as I can but I’m afraid that is not enough in order to finish this project in a reasonable time. However, thanks to the amazing community of an amazing server, players have started donating rupees and materials helping out tremendously and significantly decreasing the building time for this project. I would like to send out a special thanks to all of those individuals.

    As mentioned before, a project this big is not cheap. Expenses include:

    Simply fill out this form, pay me (datzmine), and label the pay: Donation

    To donate supplies I will soon set up a donations room where all players can drop off any supplies they would like to donate. To prevent an over flow of items I might never need or use I will set up a sorting system that will accept only items that are needed. Any items not needed will not be sucked into the chest and will remain inside of the chest for you to recover. To alert me you have donated materials simply fill out this form:


    Any players who do not fill out the appropriate forms, proving that they have donated, will not have their name displayed in the Halls of Fame. I highly recommend taking a screen shot of any donations just as a backup in case there are any issues with the forums or me not being able to get online for a long period of time.

    652,301 rupees!

    Top Donator: EMCsociety at 200,001 rupees
    Currently the Halls of Fame is not yet developed but In the mean time I will set up a Excel Spread sheet to keep everything organized and back it up onto an external hard drive. Once the Halls of Fame is built I will begin transferring all the information for everyone to see. Please, if you are willing to donate, donate to help the project, not to compete against other players for top donator spot or just to get your name listed in the Halls of Fame. Be serious and professional with your donations. Rupee donations in increments of 1000 are preferred to keep numbers neat.
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  2. I know that road edits aren't cheap! and the what 60+ roads you have to change... yeah I want to donate to help ^_^
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  3. What is the build gonna be?also i want to donate but im too low on rupees to do that ⊙▂⊙
  4. Its mainly an event build but a couple other things as well. Check the links on my signature below for more info :)

    And now worries skeleton381, its the thought that counts ^.^ If ever you do want to dontate and have the extra ruppes to do so i have a form above for donations :)
  5. As an EMC society Founder, we are currently going through a rough time, and we will update you when we have made a new group.... Currently most of the founders are inactive and unable to attend their duties....
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  6. I greatly appreciate the amount of help you guys have already given me. Thank you EMC Society and I wish your organization the best of luck!
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