HUGE 24 res build! (The Build Team)

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    Think you have what it takes to join the Team?

    • DatzMine: Lead Project Manager/ Lead Architect/
    • Dramanya: Forum Editor/
    • Finch_rocks: Photographer/
    • Madidiot21: Thread Designer/ Thread Coder/ Redstoner
    • Xenarchy: Lead Contractor/
    • Poptart_Flavored: Lead redstoner/
    • Kytula: Top Supplier/

    Position openings: Coming soon
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    Update to the build team members: let's all welcome Kytula to the official build team of this project! She has done an amazing job at helping supply the materials needed for the event build. She has also lent me a hand anytime I needed at other tasks being a huge help. Thank you for all of your hard work Kytula ^.^
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