HUGE 24 res build! (The Big Event)

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    The Big Event

    The Big Event is an event designed to get players to interact with the city in a unique, fun way and obtain many free items such as ores, promos, expensive blocks, etc. This event spreads across a total of 24 connecting reses all surrounded by the city walls to prevent any players from just walking in wherever they please. This event is similar to scavenger hunt and parkour mixed together. Similar to the game this build is themed off of, there will be many chest placed and hidden throughout the city. (Some harder to get to then others) Players will have to run, jump and climb their way throughout the city to obtain any loot placed inside these chest.
    Simply type in /v +BigEvent on smp1. This command will teleport you inside the spawn room of the build. From there you will walk forward to the “City Entrance” portal. From there, players will then spawn within the docks of the build and wait till the event starts. The front gate will be closed until the time of the event has started. Finally, the wait is over; the gates will open and a swarm of players dash through the gates in search of all the chest and loot their hearts may desire.
    These dates are to be announced in the future. Please do not ask me when the first event will be for I will not know until the city is complete and ready. Check in for future updates.

    All chest locations will be permanently set up within the city. This will allow players to study their locations and strategize on the best way to play the event. However, during the day of the event, ALL services and fast travel stations will be temporarily closed and No One will be allowed inside the city walls until after the event has started. This will allow me time to set up the access signs on the chest before the gates are open and make sure everything is prepped and ready for opening.
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  2. Wow! I am so proud of this amazing work!
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    Looking forward to it :D
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  5. I think this will be awesome in the end ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)
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  6. Finally bro it's up can't wait
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