huckleberry24 100th day contest

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  1. Hey everybody,
    my 100th day is coming up so I am running a competition !

    All you have to do is write in a book how you think i got my name of huckleberry24.
    Please throw these into the donation hoppers on my first residence on smp8 - 17368 is the address
    There is a small entry fee of 30r (This will go towards prize)

    The prize:
    So far the prize consists of:
    6 diamonds
    5 haunted candies (promos)
    3 huckleberry24 heads

    For any queries please contact huckleberry24

    Please donate me items and rupees- all donations will go towards the final prize for the winner
    The results will be published on my 100th day ! So get going !


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  2. Haha, I Hope This Works Out-I Will Be Entering And Will Give You The Book And The 30r Now-Have A Good 100th (When It Comes Around :D)

    Your Friend