Huble Island

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  1. i am starting a village in the wilderness on sever all are welcome, if you play by the sever rule. now this it how you get to the village head west from the spawn in a straight line ( you will need the live map for this here is the link and one or two boats. and here is a link of what the island looks like (file:///C:/Users/Brandon%20Macy/Desktop/LIVE%20MAP%20-%20Empire%20Minecraft.htm) and here is a over look of the map to help find the village. (file:///C:/Users/Brandon%20Macy/Desktop/LIVE%20MAP%20-%20Empire%20Minecraft%202.htm) good luck and have fun :)
  2. sorry the links did not work but head west you will have to cross some water so bring a boat or two after going west in a straight line you will hit land walk west still in the starlight line after some time you will see water again get out a boat and cross it after some to you will hit land again walk a cross head west till you find water get out another boat keep going west in a line (you will not hit land again till the village) after some time you will see a swamp that good your almost there cross the swamp on your boat still heading west in a straight line soon there should be a big island with a big cobblestone lighthouse/tower with a cave on each end of the island your there. have fun
    also it a long trip bring food :)
  3. Just for you to know:
    If you want to show your island, use Printscreen, paste on Paint or any other app of the sort, and upload the screenshots with the "upload a file" button on the forum.

    It's always nice to see people settling the Wilderness and not just mine the spawn areas to the bedrock.

    Great project, and good luck Brandon;)

    EDIT: For those reading the post, this is what you should be looking for I suppose.

  4. I will try to find if during my free time.
  5. thank also that's the island :)