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  1. Hey, my girlfriend and I just joined this site. We got two just claimed two residents in smp9 (19404 and 19403). I never thought a massive no-white-list server could ever last for more than a week! You guys are awesome! We are truly amazed by everything this community and site has accomplished! Great job!

    We have a question, is there a way that we can build over/under the road that splits our two residents? Thanks guys!
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  2. i dont belive so but i have heard if you go up high you can build 2 blocks into the road and if you did that on both sides they would connect
  3. Would i get banned if i continuously attempt to build/destroy where i am not suppose to?
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  4. You might get kicked but i would ask a moderator or admin about it.
  5. Welcome to EMC!
    I haven't ever seen the system kick someone for doing this, but some people don't like it when others try to block glitch onto their residence. As for attempting to destroy things(whether on accident or not), someone might think you keep trying to grief even though it's impossible in town unless permissions are given. So I advise you not to, but there is no real harm done when doing this.
  6. Welcome man! hope you can find a way :)
  7. Above height 128 you can both build 2 blocks 2 into the street, thus connecting your residences.

    If you attempt to build or destroy where you're not supposed to, you'll get an automatic warning from the server.
    You'll probably get kicked if you're continuing to try it, but I don't think you'll get a ban as long as you're not attempting it nonstop for an extended amount of time.

    I'd say ask an admin or mod just to be on the safe side.

    And welcome to the most awesome server(s) in the huge world of minecraft, EMC :D
  8. Why would you try building/destroying where you aren't supposed to? :confused: Welcome, to the both of you! Yes, if you go so high up, you can go two blocks this on each res. and you have an aerially connected residence...isn't that grand? :D
  9. i didnt know you could connect reses that high that's good to know since I have a sky store :p.. Anyways Welcome to EMC! We all hope you two have some really swell times in the wild and building stuff in town :D
  10. Hello again everybody, it's been about 6 months since I started and I have accomplished more than I dreamed of accomplishing. Nealah and I are still together, and so are our residents. Please come check them out on server 9!
    Again, they are 19404 and 19403. We have the largest and most complicated maze on SMP9, the most realistic rollercoaster on empire minecraft (as far as I know), a 4 story high hotel, a shopping center, a guild house, a mycelium land and a grass land, both populated with wildlife. A large underground semi-automated farm that grows everything that can grow.

    To get to the teleporter room, visit my res (i'm dyslexic, so i can't remember which of the numbers it is) by typing '/v stevenr4'.

    The teleporter rooms are taking in a major overhaul, so some of them might not work. But all above ground areas are accessible through walking from the 'Storage'.

    Please come and visit, we love visitors!
  11. Good to see you are enjoying the Empire! Hope you continue to enjoy yourself!
  12. No. There would just be a message in chat
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  13. It's not against the rules, but try not to bump threads that are this old.
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  14. He didn't know xD
  15. Then I was reminding him...
  16. But when you're reminding somebody, then they will know but they do it by accident.

    It's called aknowledging them.
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  17. Sorry, it was my first thread, and reading it after 6 months or so gave me a feel.
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