Howdy ppl

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  1. this server is fantastic and i hope to be a part of this community for a long time!
    yay new friends!!! :D i'm easy to get along with so don't be shy!!
  2. yayayyayaay welcome!!! what server have you chosen??
  3. Welcome aboard m8ee! Please choose smp7 :p
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  4. Welcome to the Empire :D Glad you're enjoying it :)
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  5. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! We hope to have you around for a long time. :)
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  6. i dont know how to check that... lol
    [its smp5 i think]
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  7. thank you!! :D
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  8. Welcome to the Empire superbobinator. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  9. Hope to see you around

    My 1st res is on smp5 the rest are on 3 XD
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  10. I looked you up, smp2 residence 4360

    Smp2 is a fun place to be, but don't be afraid to use the /server command and visit the other towns. Each town has it's own special events and player groups. Welcome to EMC and hope you enjoy it!
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  11. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  12. Welcome... great name :)
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  13. thanks, fantastic avatar.