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  1. Hi, I just thought id pop in and introduce myself as ive now been on your server for a few days and intend on staying ;)

    My name is Chris, im 29 and live in Scotland. I've been playing minecraft since it became available but really only with a few mates on our own servers. This looks like a nice community thats well run and i think i'll fit in nice here :)

    I intend on creating a large iron skull that will sell all metals and stone that hopefully meet your needs, I have only just finished the shell of the skull (in stone) as it will take me quite a while to gather 8500 iron blocks to complete it ;)

    Im currently open atm, but only selling iron, gold and diamonds... Also i have yet to decorate and make the place look nice inside so please be kind, lol

    SMP2 server - Residence #3239

    Work in progress...

    Skull shop nightime.jpg

    Peace out
    Kaenor :)
  2. Looks sweet from the outside, but it will take forever to get that much iron. Anyways welcome to the Empire, enjoy your stay
  3. welcome to the empire. your skull cave looks nice. please tell me your avatar has a purple outfit.

    it might be slightly quicker to collect iron blocks if you don't sell iron. just a suggestion. :)
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  4. Thanks, yeah it took me quite a while to do this in iron on our server... im going to probably mix it with ore tbh and keep some stone there for a different hue... It's nice to have a running project ;)

    And yes ofc my skin is of the man himself, well why not ;)
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  5. is it sopposed to look evil?
  6. Yep, when im finshed it should look quite evil indeed...
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  7. This is awesome, and welcome :)
  8. Very nice creation, cant wait to see it finished. Welcome to the Empire! Hope you enjoy contributing =).
  9. This looked awesome! And hi! :) Oooo and do you have a Scottish accent? :D
  10. When you are done the skull you should make the eyes outta red wool.
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  11. That would look GREAT
  12. Thank you for the lovely welcomes :)

    lol, well I was born in Newcastle and moved to scotland about 18 years ago so tbh i have quite a strange accent... You could say a geordy that uses a scottish vocabulary.. Foosyerdoos quine, fae a canny loon. hehe ;)

    Nice idea mate, One of the eyes atm has bloodstone in it that ive tried to lighten up with some glowstone from the bottom but it doesnt reflect too well tbh. Red wool may work alot better, cheers :)
  13. Dude thats messed up :L But awesome nontheless :)
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  14. would redstone torches help at all?
  15. Aye, it's defo an idea ive been thinking too.. going to try and explore all possibilities that show the eye cavety at night without actually showing the light source directly ;) Will defo be trying it though, thanks.
  16. whats bloodstone?
  17. Welcome to the Empire, mate. I like your Voldemort themed house ;)
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  18. ahahaha!
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  19. Sorry, netherrack ;)