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  1. I was just wandering around looking through the residences until I saw this. . .


    Two plump red mushrooms on the Town's sandstone road.

    So my questions are:
    Is it possible for mushrooms to be place on blocks other than dirt or mycelium?
    Did the staff do this or a player?

    But Most importantly. . . HOW?
  2. Thats impossible
  3. Maybe there was a secret update that added hallucination?
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  4. Simple:
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  5. I mean you can pay for the road to be editted.... but not this crazy I dont think.
  6. How can it be edited?
  7. Sr Staff, you pay them, they edit it, you supply materials.
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  8. Probably //set mushroom...
  9. If this was the Senior Staff's doing, I'm going to pay to surround my whole residence with mushrooms :cool:

    Them playa's be like
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  10. well I think you need to have side by side res or something like that for them to edit it.
  11. Thanks for crushing my dreams :(
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  12. Mushrooms can be placed in a lot of places. They can grow a lot of places also... I'm thinking somehow some mushrooms was grown on the nearest res, starting multiplying onto the road, and the owner destroyed the mushrooms on the res.

    Though, this is cool. :cool:
  13. You see, this is what you get for eating mushrooms raw......
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  14. I know exactly how this happened mosh room cow poo see that one fenced in? It was constipated. m3 A Genus