How would one create a 'M'?

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  1. I'm sure I've seen somebody do it but I can't remember how.

    3 blocks on the horizontal (x) axis,
    5 blocks on the vertical (y) axis,

    I need a letter 'M'
    I have a feeling it's impossible bu I think I've seen it. I tried but it looked like a 'H'.
  2. one would type 'M'
  3. Make it like the M in the achievements. straight line then the v shape in the middle then another straight line.

    With blocks.

  4. Uh you got a pic? Lol.
  5. Kinda like so:
  6. So I guess it isn't possible in 3 horizontal blocks?
  7. It would be an M, rather than a M.
  8. Here is a Minecraft font picture for all the Minecraft letters:
    I dont think an "M" would be possible in 3 horizontal blocks as an "M" has 3 "legs".
  9. M's need to be a minimum of 5 pixels wide - otherwise it won't look like an "M" Sorry to disappoint
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  10. Just copy the one from the minecraft title
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  11. Darn. Your moderator? Congrats!!
  12. I think the point of this post has been reached....