How well would YOU Survive in a zombie Apocalypse?

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Heck Yeah I'll survive! 17 vote(s) 54.8%
Um... Not too sure. 9 vote(s) 29.0%
No 5 vote(s) 16.1%
  1. Since it's the spirit of Halloween, I have a game / Test for you to try.

    This tests your whits on what to do in a situation as a surviver. All choices may or may not help you at the end.
    Disclaimer: There are some mature scenes and language

    I thought I was strong enough to be in one but I got this instead...

    My score is:
    Survived the day: Yes
    Got the antibiotics: Yes
    Tactics: Rank B

    Com passion: Rank B

    50/100 chance of surviving
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  2. Haha - awesome. Clicked the link, checking it out....
  3. Make sure you have your score sheet either in typed or in screenshot to compare to others!

    If you taken the test more than once please don't post your secondary score. We want first survival scores.
  4. Copy that - Will re-post, when complete.
  5. Absolutely awesome music, great narrative, unfortunate decisions!

    - Thanks for sharing!
  6. I didn't even make it into town :(
  7. I have no shame. :p
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  8. Survived the day, Got the antibiotics.

    A+ for tactics: I have a solid understanding of zombie outbreaks and my survival skills are far above average. I would probably survive a real outbreak.

    A+ for Compassion. the outbreak has given me a chance to show my true bravery and heroic nature. The well being of others is my primary concern.

    Hehe, fun.
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  9. Survived, with the antibiotics.
    Rank A
    You have a solid understanding of zombie outbreaks and your survival skills are far above average. You'd probably survive a real outbreak.
    Rank A
    Despite the intense psychological pressures of the outbreak you remain a kind hearted and generous person.

    My one issue is when the zombie is wrestling the girl in the mall, you don't have the option to shoot it. Just to either shoot them both, run off, steal her gear, or wrestle the thing.
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  10. What weapon did you all pick in the beginning?
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  11. Hunting rifle! ALL the WAY! That and a crowbar. Tool that doubles as a weapon is A-OK in my book!
  12. This is what I got:
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  13. I, too, chose the hunting rifle and the crowbar. I believe we have found a winning combination. If only I could pack bolt cutters, a spare flashlight tube, some freeze plugs, and a set of taps and dies...
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  14. Better than an oil filter :rolleyes:
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  15. I honestly went with the sub-machine gun and crowbar. I was thinking logically to how many bullets I had compared to the hunting rifle.
    I took the gun from her and left. She was a liability plus she didn't need it after she died.
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  16. Survive? You fools, I would start the zombie apocalypse.


    Okay, having actually played it...

    I've spent more than one slow work-night pondering what would happen if a real zombie outbreak happened in Scranton... :rolleyes: