How to use the forums: Miscellaneous

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  1. New to the forums? Please read all the information below as well as this thread before posting to ensure that our forums can remain neat, tidy and easy to follow. It will also help you out! Please remember that this is simply a guide and not a list of rules, although several listed things may be enforced.

    Forum dedicated to discussion and sharing that isn't related to any of the other forums.

    This forum is where you can post any thread that isn't related to the other forums. This includes non-Minecraft/EMC contests, clubs, creative sharing, games and other discussion. Note that this topic can often contain controversial threads that could possibly offend you, you're culture or your beliefs.

    What should NOT be posted here:
    - Topics related to Minecraft and EMC should be kept in the appropriate locations to keep the website as organised as possible.
    - If you think that a thread has to potential to get out of hand be careful when posting it. Political and religious threads often cause flame wars which can result in in-game or website punishments being handed out.
    - You should NOT have any *videos* in your signature

    When posting on the threads in here, always remember:
    - The users of the EMC forums are expected to follow the same rules as players do in-game. Not following these rules could result in in-game punishments and/or a website ban
    - To respect the opinions of those involved in all threads
    - If you don't agree, don't be hateful or bash anyone in any way
    - Respect the ways and methods of posting of players involved
    - To report any spam/rude/inappropriate posts
    - Don't de-rail threads or
    - If a thread has been de-railed, report the post that began it.
    - Not bumping old threads isn't a rule on EMC, however it can be frustrating so if you would like to start up the same discussion, create another thread. If you want to add something, consider how old the thread is, what you want to say and if you don't feel it's necessary after that, leave it be

    If you would like to add something, please post it below. :)
  2. Nice guide, Alex! I'm sure this will help out new forum members very much. :)
  3. Thank you, I hope so :)