how to upload a picture

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  1. i dont get it!!! how do i upload a picture on
    pls help me and tell me how to upload an image using the url

    i tried it with:


    what am i doing wrong?
  2. that url one is for an image already on the web use the attatchment option instead
  3. To upload an image, simply click on Upload a File beneath the reply box. This will bring up a dialog box and ask you to select the file you wish to upload. Once it has uploaded, you can choose to insert the thumbnail or the full image into the post.

    Alternatively, you can upload the image to an image hosting site (like You would then click on the little tree icon in the reply box toolbar (fourth from the right) and paste in the URL.
  4. haha.....thanks a lot guys

    as always a great help to have this forum and very fast answers!!!