How to Save your Rei's Minimap Waypoints

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  1. Hello there.
    IamSaj just posted something about how to save your waypoints for when you update.
    First of all If my spelling is terrible forgive me its literly midnight so lets go!

    Step 1:
    Open Start and Type in %appdata% and press ENTER
    m1.png m2.png

    Step 2:
    Now Open .minecraft

    Step 3:
    Make a New folder inside .minecraft and name it "Way" without the quotes

    Step 4:
    Now leave your new folder and Open the Mods Folder then Open the Rei's Minimap folder
    w4.png w5.png

    Step 5:
    Now for example lets say we want to save our smp1 waypoints.
    First We Copy the file named

    Step 6:
    Now once you copied the file you want to go back to the .minecraft folder and open the Way folder we created earlier

    Step 7:
    Now right click and hit Paste
    Now your folder should look like this:

    Step 8:
    Now when you update your Rei's minimap mod remember to copy and paste everything in this folder and paste in the Rei's Minimap folder where we took the files from earlier.

    Step 9:
    You might aswell call my SWM because I just trolled again.
    There is no Step 9
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  2. IamSaj posted this before? :confused:

    Nice guide though. For Mac users wishing to find their .minecraft on the new OS:

    Coming in a bit.
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  3. Thanks for explaining this!
  4. No he didn't.
    In another post he asked "do you know hot to save your way points?"