How to report griefing?

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  1. I recently got griefed, and I want to report it. How do I do that? Is there an official way to do it?
  2. Go to the forum page and look down on the right, and scroll down till you find the Online Staff box. Find a Moderator (dark green title), press their name and then press "Start a Conversation". Title this conversation "Griefing" and tell the Mod all of the details about the griefing in the description box. Hope everything gets sorted. Any questions then please ask.
  3. Thanks for the fast answers, I know what to do now.
  4. Nice answers.
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  5. Best thing to do is poke either eviltoade or effinbatman with a sharp stick till they reply >:)
  6. I'm not In game so it wouldn't work much.
  7. so we can still poke you on the forms :p
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