How to protect your fancy new dragon eggs!

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  1. I am part of the group that got the SMP1, 2, 3, and 4 (another team got one from SMP4 too though) Dragon Eggs. When we first got the SMP1 egg, we had it in a 2 thick glass case. Noobs quickly broke through and tried to steal the eggs by hitting them and making them teleport. Gamekrib jeremy was there to stop them and he made it 3 thick but the noobs still broke in.

    When we built a museum about the adventures involved in getting a dragon egg, we built a more secure display case. Our arrangement was successful in protecting all 4 eggs. We had 4 wide glass to show all the eggs. the glass was 1 tall but 5 thick. That glass was surrounded by obsidian. The chamber itself that held the eggs is also made completely of obsidian. This arrangement takes long enough to breach that noobs can't break in. We had 8 iron and wooden doors set up as a service entrance as well.
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  2. Team was ShawnZup, Bluebl1, camdenmil,Pikminboy111 and Pilotcat
  3. residence flags protections wasn't working at the time?
  4. They worked at the time, but the server lagged, and during the lag they mined the 2-3 glass and hit the egg and when the server caught up to itself, the egg teleported anyways.
  5. Its probably that they broke the glass very quickly and hit the egg before the glass reappeared again.
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  6. Btw those who bought the eggs - please post what lot the egg you bought is being displayed in!

    Also, lot 2430 still has the museum, and you can see the protection we had. We do not in any way believe that we overdid it.
  7. Ow, now i see what you meaned :p i believe i had a better solution for you guys, but anyways, good way to solve it :)
  8. wouldn't it be enough that the admins know you have the egg? if it dissappears couldn't they see who has an egg and is not supposed to, and perm-ban them for hacking and return your egg or spawn a new one for you?
  9. Ahahah, currently smp3's really lag, and someone abused it to break through my 3 layer protection. Looks like I need to visit the forums more often, missed this thread.

    Gotta enhance the protection.
  10. Mine is hidden away for now. I've got to make a box worthy of protecting it. Then I'll post where it is.
  11. During our next EMC release (Prob Tuesday next week) dragon eggs will no longer teleport when clicked :), so they will be safe to display however you want.
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  12. I like this :D
  13. Awesome! I was all worried I was going to have to build a bunker to store it in like the museum did!
  14. lol, the dragon eggs are so valauble. XD
  15. u coulda done that when we had to protect it :eek: lol
  16. I also use this trick to access private shop behind the walls
  17. Lesson lerned: Do not find a solution to your problems the mods are working on it already. XD
  18. This seems like an admission of guilt to me, i would suggest you don't use this or any method for gaining access behind closed doors in the future. People who have their shop doors closed have done so for a reason, if you are caught gaining unwanted access so it may be construed for griefing.