How to properly report/ban/get my stuff back?

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  1. A player is going around killing others in the wild with laval. Now I'm all fine with 'mistake' and in some ways traps, but this was out and out malicious. Did it to me 5 times (4 times I was close enough to water to be ok, the 5th I wasn't) Then when I tracked down after respawn tried again twice! I have a few screen shots to show this.

    I really don't want this guy on the server. How do I get my stuff back and him removed?
  2. You can send your screenshots to a staff member. Just click on inbox and click start a conversation and put the staff member's name that you want to submit the report to.
  3. PM me. Click my avatar and click "start conversation" to send me a message and post your screenies! Then the PvPer can be dealt with.
  4. I have been killed with lava to! But I don not have evidence so I will let it roll...
  5. Thanks Green, PM sent!
  6. And unfortunately your items can't be given back to you. Unless you have a screenshot of your full inventory.. maybe.
  7. i only lost a few diamonds and stuff..
  8. If you get PvPed PM a mod with details (server, time, co-ordanates, screenshots or anything else that could be handy), more details the better. We know you will be angry and want immediate satisfaction, but please take a couple of minutes to send the PM. By he time you have done that you will have hopefully cooled down a bit and not so upset you end doing/saying something you regret and end up getting yourself a ban. We will investigate these, the immediate outcome might not be to your satisfaction if you are lacking details but please still PM a mod we might get lucky and find them boasting to their buddies on another server.

    Also please don't use /report for PvP, or anything else that requires investigation. The /report tool is for ideal for those incidents that can be checked up on a smartphone (chat spamming, swearing, excessive caps, abusive chat) but can be hindered by too many /reports that should go via PMs
  9. This ^
  10. Oh that must suck. :( why would people do such things?